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Juvenile Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics, Conduct, Practice

This document briefly outlines the main points of the Code of ethics, conduct & practice for all club officials, officers, members, mentors, players, parents and/or Guardians associated with Mainister Na Corann Juvenile GAA Club. We encourage you to review this information and familiarise yourself with the standards expected by and in the Club. 

Club activities

As a Club we are fully committed to safeguarding the well being of all club officials, officers, members, mentors and players. Every individual in the club should, at all times, show respect and understanding for their rights, safety and welfare, and conduct themselves in a way that reflects the principles of the club.

It is the responsibility of all members to be familiar with the guidelines set forth in the code of conduct and for parents/guardians to explain and enforce this code of conduct with their own children.

Code of Conduct – Club officials / Officers

Club Officials / Officers should be members of Cumann Luth Chleas Gael (C.L.G.) and have knowledge of the Rules and Regulations of the Association and be bound by them.

Code of Conduct – Players / Mentors / Club members

Everyone makes a commitment to the success of the club and shows mutual respect for all. Everyone involved must work together in the preparation, be committed to the cause and share in the enjoyment of competing and representing the club of Mainister na Corann.

Child Protection

Sport provides an excellent opportunity for children to learn new skills, become more confident and maximize their own unique potential. Adults must contribute to the creation of a positive sporting environment for young people. Children should be encouraged to win in an open and fair way. Behavior which constitutes cheating in any form should be discouraged. The trust implicit in adult-child relationships in sport places a duty of care on all adults, voluntary or professional, to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of the child, while engaged in their sporting activity.

General Practice

  • •All coaches and team mentors working with underage teams (teams under 18) are encouraged to undertake a child protection course.
  • Code of Conduct – Juvenile Players
    • •Always do your best, play fairly and have fun
    • •Respect officials/referees and accept their decisions
    • •Do not shout at or argue with the referee, officials, team mates or opponents
    • •Bullying is totally unacceptable
    • •Respect the club and its property
  • Code of Conduct – Juvenile mentors / coaches
    • •Ensure regular games for the greatest number of players.
    • •Encourage sportsmanship and “Fair Play” on the field of play among youth players.
    • •Avoid physical or verbal abuse
    • •Do not rebuke a child for making a mistake, always encourage
    • •Encourage respect for Match Officials by your own behavior towards such officials.

Code of Conduct – Parents

  • •Always encourage and support your child in their sport
  • •Be familiar with those mentors who are coaching your child
  • •Behave responsibly on the sideline
  • •Encourage your child to play by the rules
  • •Ensure your child has the proper training/playing gear.
  • •Inform the club / team mentors of any medical condition or special needs of their child.

General Conduct

The Club expects all members to behave as responsible individuals. Serious misconduct by a club member will result in that member having to appear before the club disciplinary committee.

The following are examples of behaviour and actions which can result in serious disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from the club:

  • •Willful damage to club property or that of visiting teams
  • •Bringing the club into disrepute through a player’s actions during a training session, match or any event organised by the club
  • •Serious breach of safety requirements
  • •Sexual harassment / Bullying of another individual
  • •Violation of any criminal law
  • •Acts of physical violence
  • •Any action by a club member in breach of the club code of ethics, conduct & practice
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