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Volunteer Officer Wanted

19 May, 2022

Volunteer Recruitment Officer

Midleton GAA “One Club” which now has 1400 members and incorporates GAA (Adult & Juvenile), Ladies Football and Camogie and Midleton All Stars (section for players with additional needs) is looking for a Volunteer Recruitment Officer. You may or may not be currently involved or connected with Midleton GAA ………. it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you have a passion for working with your local community and in making a real difference. You will work with our Volunteer Support Committee to identify Club Volunteer requirements, and prepare and execute strategies to recruit, retain and fulfil the club volunteer requirements for Midleton GAA.


·        Job Descriptions:                             

Develop simple Job Descriptions for each Club Function that’s carried out within the Club

·        Recruitment & Retention:             

Develop Volunteer Recruitment and retention strategies from within and outside of Club

·        Succession Planning:                       

Put in place a system to ensure when key people leave that the organization is not left with a knowledge or expertise gap.

The Volunteer Recruitment Officer will - 

·        Prepare clear role descriptions for each officer in the club as well as provide a list of smaller tasks that need to be achieved weekly/monthly/annually –

·        Develop a recruitment strategy to encompass use of social media and all communication channels

·        Ensure each key role has an assistant.

·        Plan an induction process for volunteers and committees with terms of reference for all.

·        Communicate a clear development plan so new members will know the direction and priorities of the club

·        Keep a copy of all policies and procedures so volunteers know how tasks should be completed

·        Plan when roles are likely to become vacant and identify new volunteers who have skills for these roles. Maintain an ongoing database for identifying skillsets available

·        Have clear indicators for success which can be used to track effectiveness

·        Support and motivate volunteers

·        Recognise and reward volunteers

·        Encourage younger members to become involved

·        Ensure access to appropriate and relevant training

·        Plan and facilitate volunteer recruitment drive

·        Promote volunteer opportunities using social media and recognized club PR avenues

·        Undertake with the volunteer committee an audit of volunteers’ hours available to the club annually



·        Good with People

·        Organised

·        Recognizes the value of volunteerism

·        Experience with Social Media would be an advantage

·        2 hrs per week ongoing (initial few weeks likely to be more than than)



·        Call any of the following before 31st May 2022 for a chat

o   Ingrid Connaughton (087-6374748 or

o   Diarmuid Ó Dálaigh (086-2340932 or

o   Liam Wade (087-2562304 or

o   Jerome Curtin (

Go on ……Make a Difference in your Community

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