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Insurance Claim



Click to download latest Claim Form November 2016

Medical expenses

If you have medical insurance e.g. VHI etc, a claim must be made with your medical provider. Otherwise unrecoverable expenses are covered up to a maximum of €4,500. (This benefit includes cover for MRI scans up to a limit of €300 per scan and post operative treatment up to a limit of €320. A maximum benefit of €40 per any one treatment applies).

Players and members are requested to use Public Hospitals where possible. Where private hospitals are required for treatment, prior club approval is required. Any visits to the VHI or other special clinics will be at the player’s own expense unless covered by their own insurance.

Dental expenses

Non recoverable dental expenses up to a limit of €4,500 excluding the first €100 of each and every claim.

It is very important that players notify the manager/selectors immediately if he has a serious or potentially serious injury following a game or training. In a game situation this must be reported to the referee on the day or as soon as possible afterwards. Mention of the injury must be made in the referee’s report.

If contact cannot be made with the referee the relevant board should be notified as well as our board delegates immediately.


All claims against the injury scheme MUST be made to Willis Insurance. Pages 1 & 2 must be completed and sent to Willis within 72 hours of the injury occurring. The remainder of the form must be completed and returned to Willis within 60 days of the injury otherwise it will not be processed. Full details on GAA website ( Injury claim forms, which must be signed by club secretary, before submission to the insurance company are also on the GAA website.

It is very important when making a claim that all receipts and doctors letters are sent with the claim. Copies of all documents should be made by the player before submission of claim to the insurance company.

It is the responsibility of the player/parent to fill out these forms and contact the insurance company. The first €100 of each and every claim is excluded from any Insurance Company pay out.

It is GAA policy that the player’s injury fund is intended only to pay otherwise unrecoverable expenses in respect of medical expenses, dental expenses, loss of earnings and permanent disability.


Midleton GAA club will pay the first €100 of any medical expenses on receipt of invoices. Doctors/physiotherapists must be paid by the player and a receipt must be obtained for any treatment received. The player MUST consult the club Doctor (Doctor Michael Thompson) before seeking physiotherapy treatment, any player failing to do so will not be reimbursed by the club for any physiotherapy expenses. Physiotherapy treatments are not covered by Willis Insurance and the club will pay a maximum of €200 per year to any player to cover Physiotherapy treatments.

Helmets must be worn at all hurling training sessions, warm ups and games. Any helmet not adhering to the GAA guidelines (IS355) may result in a dismissal of any claim. Any injuries suffered when not wearing a helmet will not be covered by the club or the insurance company.

Helmets must be worn at all times in the Ball Alley. If a helmet is not worn no insurance cover or club reimbursement will be made for any injuries sustained.

Mouthguards must be worn for all football games, including warm ups and training as per GAA rule. Failure to do so will invalidate any insurance claims and the club will not cover any expense accruing from such injuries if the player was not wearing a gum shield.

Midleton GAA club will limit it’s liability for any and all injury payments to a total of €200 in any calendar year for any one player.   

All players must have FULL membership paid to avail of insurance/injury payments/assistance. As of this year GAA/Willis will not entertain claim unless players full membership is paid. 

Under Age Parents

In the event of a claim following a serious injury it is the parent’s responsibility to fill out the insurance forms and contact the insurance company. The insurance company will require original receipts for any claims. Please keep copies of these before sending receipts to the insurance company. 
If a player is injured the team manager/official must be informed as soon as possible.
It is essential that if a player is injured during a game the referee/relevant board must be informed immediately or as soon as possible afterwards as a referees report is essential for any claim.
The club would encourage all Parents to take out School insurance as this is good cover for the year at a very good price.

Loss of wages

The Injury scheme only provides cover for non recoverable costs of nett basic wages and excludes overtime, bonuses, unsociable working hours allowances etc. Social welfare/income protection/ and or other entitlements will be considered as recoverable income and will be deducted from the basic net wage figure.

The GAA recommends that all members, but especially those who are self employed review the Fund Benefits in the context of their own personal circumstance and take out personal accident insurance/income protection cover as required. 


Willis GAA Injury Claims Form.  Please click here to download form

Allianz Pupils Personal Accident Claim Form.  Please click here to download form


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