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Player Injury Scheme

18 September, 2012

Player Injury Scheme
It is imperative that players notify their manager immediately they have a serious or potentially serious injury and it must be reported to the referee on the day or as soon as possible thereafter. Most referees submit their reports within 48 hours of the game so it is important that if an injury is not reported on the day of the game that the referee be contacted as soon as possible. A copy of the referees report will be required for an insurance claim. 
If this is not done the club secretary or treasurer should be notified immediately.

All claims against the injury scheme MUST be made in writing within 60 days of the injury otherwise it will not be processed. A written notification should be sent to Willis, Grand Mill Quay, Barrow Street, Dublin 4. This should be done within 60 days irrespective of whether the treatment is finished or not. When the treatment is finished any outstanding receipts can be forwarded. The official injury claim form can be downloaded from the official GAA website, 

Willis contact details telephone number 01-6396343.
Fax Number 01-6694443
All correspondence/receipts/referees report should be photocopied BEFORE forwarding any documents to Willis.   
Medical expenses
If you have medical insurance e.g. VHI, QUINN etc, a claim must be made with your medical provider in the first instance. Otherwise unrecoverable expenses are covered up to a maximum of €4,500. (This benefit includes cover for MRI scans up to a limit of €300 per scan and post operative treatment up to a limit of €320. A maximum benefit of €40 per any one treatment applies)
The first €100 of each and every claim is excluded by the insurance company.
Dental expenses
Non recoverable dental expenses up to a limit of €4,500 excluding the first €100 of each and every claim. Any player injured while not wearing a helmet will not be covered by insurance. Tampering with the face guards on helmets may lead to the disqualification of a claim. Only officially recognized helmets should be worn. 
Loss of wages
The Injury scheme only provides cover for non recoverable costs of net basic wages and excludes overtime, bonuses, unsociable working hours allowances etc. Social welfare/income protection/ and or other entitlements will be considered as recoverable income and will be deducted from the basic net wage figure.

At a club meeting this year the committee agreed that a fee of €100 maximum would be paid to players injured in official club training or matches. This figure will only be paid on the production of proper medical receipts. The player must pay any medical expenses themselves and recoup the amount (to a max of €100) from the club after.

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